SEEN: East – “Old Age”

I’ve been waiting for *months* for a decent excuse to bang on about East some more and here it is, the debut video for her debut track “Old Age”. I’m going to keep it simple for the tl:drs among you – this is the best debut you will hear in this or any other year. Clear? Excellent.

For the rest of you, it’s got Lorde-y bits, Jamie T-y bits, I swear to God some Riot Grrl bits, the lyrics could equally be sung by either this teenager from the Central Coast or Johnny Cash and they’d make equal sense, it’s up to the minute cool and it’s timelessly impressive. I can’t stop listening to it – it’ll chew up your brain, stop your heart and crack your teeth.

See her live and she’s something else too, switching between this sort of big synth pop and solo acoustic guitar tracks with embarrassing ease and relentless glee. This isn’t talent in the making, it’s a damn superstar, full-size and fully-formed, and about to destroy everything. Get ready.