HEARD: Shaky Handz – ‘Plastic Cups’

Our very favourite Sydney art punks Shaky Handz are back, if only briefly. Although this is tl;dr made song, one minute and forty-six seconds of fuzzy, slacker, sneery art punk – which is right up their usual street – it’s got a more confident feel, which is cool to hear. They could (presumably) have chunked out a slice of three-chord lightspeed lunacy and we’d have all been pretty happy with that, but it sounds like instead they’re getting a bit more inventive.

Is it professionally crafted? No. Is it smoothly produced for today’s modern expectations of audio quality? No. Has it been put together by a band that couldn’t give two hoots for any of that and just glued it together with joy and glee instead? Too bloody right.

Which is why, even if they are only poking their heads in and then leaving again, just like they do at the sucky party mentioned in the song, their company’s always a pleasure, however brief.