SEEN: Lunatics On Pogosticks – ’15 Months’

Just in case you’re averse to this sort of stuff, it’s only fair to warn you that the latest from Lunatics On Pogosticks is basically soppy. Soppy with a capital S, drenched in soppiness, with soppy sweat sloshing around its sneakers and soppy sauce dripping down from its hair and into its eyes. It still sounds just like our old pals, brimming with energy and with barely restrained guitar energy, but make no mistake, it’s totally bloody soppy.

The reason I’m so het up about this is because the soppiness sneaks up on you, like some sort of fuzzy ninja kitten, burrowing its way into your consciousness before you actually realise that the damn thing is such a sopfest. The end result is that I’m walking around humming it to myself, both delighted with a cracker of a new tune, and slightly sick at myself repeating such soppy bloody lyrics. Still and all though, it’s a bucket of fun – and even if it wasn’t this video would be worth playing repeatedly for daft faces that get deployed almost every other second.

The soppy wee rascals.