SEEN: Sword & Sorcery – ‘Believe It’

Courtney Barnett may be Australia’s best-known musical export right now and the deserved darling of critics around the globe, but there are surely precious few talents anywhere in the world as precocious, prolific and downright hilarious as Jeremy Neale. Australia’s Crown Prince of Musical Mischief, his latest project switches from pitch-perfect 60s garage pop to pitch-perfect AOR rock, beaming in like its 1983. The fact that it’s eye-wateringly funny – SPOD as God, the felt-tip watch that always tells the correct time of ROCK, the *amazing* dubbing – disguises just how truly agile and accomplished a songwriter lurks behind the gags. Make no mistake, this is a song that is earth-shatteringly rock, right down to its denim cut-offs but the video adds a layer of loveable goofiness that just takes it all to new level. Don’t write this off as simply ironic comedy, there’s a deep love of shredding in here, and the mix of respect and humour takes what in less capable hands would just have been a funny idea among mates and turns it into a genuine masterpiece of performance. It features tons of daft cameos from Neale’s pals, but is also donating all its profits to Support Act, which takes care of musicians going through hardship. Two good reasons then – help out musicians, and rock your face off – win-win all round. Believe.