SEEN: Velociraptor – ‘Leeches’

So, there’s ‘Leeches’, right, the pounding and driving and twitching one off of Velociraptor‘s self-titled LP from last year. It’s one of those tracks that manages to keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through, waiting for the explosion, for the axe-murderer to appear in the mirror behind you. Will it suddenly lose control? Will there be a crescendo of squalling guitars? Will Jeremy’s voice rise up from its lower-register depths and do that “WWAAAAAOOOOORRRGGHHH” scream of his? Spoiler: no.

And that’s ok, because although the song ends without it having done much else but repeat a few pile-driving musical and lyrical phrases, you leave satisfied, even if it didn’t work out like you expected. Sonically, it’s like someone playing “Der-dun” from Jaws at you for four minutes and then walking off – you remember the tension, not the action. It’s all very grown-up, really.

Which is why it’s such fun to see a video so rammed full of moments of child-like glee – the bits with Jeremy’s head in them are intertwined with some crisply-shot live footage, which is edited into a schizophrenic visual festival of eyeball-battering pixelations and distortions, and then overlaid with equally jarring 8-bit game footage. It’s a great change of tone from a band that could easily be dismissed as just a bunch of jokers – a tense and wired song, soundtracking a weird and bent series of visuals.