SEEN: Bugs – ‘Everything I Said’

Brisbane’s Bugs started off life as the bedroom project of Connor Brooker as a sideline to his role in Pro Vita. Those early demos are now taking shape into something much meatier as the project grows from one dude in his room to a more fully-formed band. The most recent release to escape into the wild is a darker affair to start with, chugging and sounding a little upset, which for fans of ‘Boy (But You Want A Man)’ will come as a bit of a jolt. Fear not though – despite the initial moodier vibe, even the darkest of Bugs’ days has sunshine in it, which belts gloriously into life at the chorus, as massive and as singalong as any of the early stuff. The video proves the point, full of daft stitched-together clips of Bugs cheerfully mucking around – even when things seem like it’s time to break out the frowny faces, there’s always Bugs to cheer you up.