HEARD: Bad//Dreems – ‘Hiding To Nothing’

It’s all too easy – and I’ve done it, just like the rest of the internet – to bang on about how tough Bad//Dreems are, about how rock solid, leathery and gnarled it all sounds. It’s easy though to forget that underneath that sun-baked dusty wicket is a beating heart of poetry, of human stories told as sharply as anything by Belle and Sebastian. If Morrissey liked barbecues, or if Springsteen loved going to the footie, these are the stories you’d get back.

Hiding To Nothing – one of the live highlights of their recent tour – soars on raspy-throated wings, and while it’s tub-thumping tune and beery chorus will keep you chanting and fist-pumping in the front row, its tales of hard yards, of being lit up by pokie lights on a Friday night, of the tiredness, the loneliness and the insomnia will stay with you a whole lot longer.