LIVE: Hockey Dad, Los Tones @ Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, 7th Jun

Los Tones

Los Tones kick off tonight in the only way they know how, supplying all the filth, stomp and squall you’ll ever need. It’s garage like The Sonics would recognise, blunt and fuzzy and gimlet-eyed, and it’s well-crafted enough from start to finish to impress this young crowd who – let’s face it – are here to lose their brains to Hockey Dad and puke in the urinals (twith the latter task already comprehensively completed by 9pm). It’s big and it’s brash and the singer hurls himself around with abandon, with reverb crashes splattering the walls by the end.

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Hockey Dad

Hockey Dad are playing their second sell-out show in Sydney tonight, after two more of the same the nights before in Melbourne. That’s a punishing schedule, but our giddy young heroes show no fatigue, especially the whirlwind that is drummer Billy, whose hair tries hard all night to escape the top of his head. There are no fence-sitters to convert tonight, no waverers to convince, this is a tanked-up home crowd, so we get a couple of new ones, some old ones, the new single and an end-to-end bloody good time. What has always impressed about Hockey Dad though is the sheer scale of noise they get from just two people, a drumkit and a guitar.

It might look like two mates having a laugh, but it sounds like a thundering herd of grinning, loon-eyed rhino. Just when you thought you couldn’t squeeze any more inventiveness out of a two-bod setup like this, along come Hockey Dad to remind you that both the White Stripes and Japandroids could benefit from a bit more pop and glee in their lives, and that when it’s done right, it’s a joy to behold. Honestly, it makes you wonder why we ever make it more complicated than this. 

Less a single launch than a coming-out party, 2015 is surely theirs for the taking.

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