LIVE: Sans Parents @ The Standard Bowl, Sydney, 26th Jun

Sans Parents are unwell. Specifically in the shape of singer Alex, who has laryngitis and is quite patently in a fair amount of discomfort. Dave Grohl, pshaw – anyone can do a show sitting down, you try singing when your throat is filled with razor blades and barbed wire and broken glass.

This especially sucks since this is their first ever Sydney show, appearing in the marvellous surroundings of the only bowling-alley-cum-gig-venue in the city, The Standard Bowl. Our hosts tonight are Rare Finds, putting on their third night of new music and daft antics, and even in the face of band illness their taste remains impeccable – and if this is what Sans Parents sound like sick, they must be unstoppable healthy.

It’s a short set – to be expected this early on – but there’s range a-plenty here, driven by the dual vocalist roles and the variation between keyboard and guitar. We get chugging, energetic rock, we get poppy little indie gems, and right at the end, we get the swoony brilliance of recent release ‘Loose People’, which is as sunshine-y and as button-bright live as it is on record. Despite the biological opposition, Sans Parents glow brightly tonight – indie pop 1, laryngitis nil.

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