SEEN: Bugs – ‘Heal’

Aaand the hits just keep on coming. All six of Ted’s regular readers will be aware of the Bugs band-crush we’ve got going on, and this new video for the lead track off of their recent Too Fast For Satan EP isn’t going to make that go away any time soon.

Made up entirely of shots of Bugs’ faceman Connor singing along to the track in various real-life scenarios – sitting fully-clothed in the shower, coveniently sat in front of a nameless bystander twirling a patterned umbrella, that sort of thing – it’s really rather charming. The 80s TV interlacing is on-trend (assuming that your favourite trend is Donny Benet & Kirin J Callinan videos) but the song itself is just a modern little joy, a huge burst of triumph in the chorus, and just enough build-up in the verse.

It’s vaguely hilarious watching the song sung directly at you, all eyes-to-camera, but it’s all part of the charm Bugs have nailed down. It’s like it’s being beamed directly to you and you alone, live and direct from a heart & a bedroom somewhere in Brisbane.

A loveable face (featuring an occasionally hypnotic tongue) and a tune the size of a small town – it’s business as usual for Bugs, but another magic moment for those of us crushing on our Brisbane bedroom heroes.