SEEN: Hockey Dad – ‘Can’t Have Them’

Aside from the fact that this is a superbly put together song (we all know that by now, right?), and that Hockey Dad are quite obvs *the* band of the last twelve months (any questions? No? Excellent), this video is still a total joy to watch. Not least because it is quite literally the first time I’ve seen singer Zach not wearing a hat. Seriously, I thought the dude was bald and really sensitive about it or something. Add in the super-cool desert setting, the various bits of band mucking about, and the feisty jerk-stop editing, and it’s yet another step in the road for a band relentlessly on their way to higher planes of glory. I’m half-wondering why I bother reviewing this sort of stuff, you’ll all lose your minds to it anyway. Which is what you should do right now.