HEARD: Asha Jeffries – ‘Kiss My Ass’

What a tune! Missed this earlier in the year when it was first out, but it’s just got uploaded into Unearthed and is getting a whole heap more play. It comes from the ever-so-sweetly foul-mouthed brain of Brisbane teenager Asha Jeffries, and it’s a sweet, folky, delightful, innocent festival of vicious wit and swearing.

There’s undeniable talent in here – a killer voice, a smart use of the instrument, a deftness of touch in the songwriting – so it’s easy to just get seduced by the impish insolence of this particular track. She does get more serious on other tracks (including the lovely ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me‘) but the dropping here of the many, many f-bombs and the chorus (with it’s – hurray! – non-Americanised pronunciation) of ‘kiss my ass’ is a total stroke of genius.

Ever just wished that Joni Mitchell would just stop bleating on about taxis, lose her temper properly and just swear a bit more?

Friends, it’s your lucky f***ing day.