SEEN: Super Best Friends – ‘All My Friends Are Leaving Town’

Super Best Friends know how to win at video. Famously arranging cameos from virtually every Austrlain poilitician alive (including Tony Abbott) for 2013’s ‘Round And Round‘, they’ve clearly decided to go for safer click-bait in this new one, the video for ‘All My Friends Are Leaving Town’ – namely puppies, woolly hat and onesies.

Given that the visuals are just sah cute (and funny), and given the song itself is a glorious, fast-breathing punky lament for absent friends that’ll still leave you smiling, it’s got ‘winner’ written all over it.

They’re touring to support it (Aug 29 at the Captain Cook Hotel in Sydney, folks), so get down to it, it’ll be brilliant. We should all go, yeah?