HEARD: Mosquito Coast – ‘Call My Name’

Mosquito Coast

When I was seventeen almost everything made me cross, and any music I liked or made would invariably be of the loud, fast and shouty varieties. Perth teenagers Mosquito Coast though, have significantly more restraint than I did, as well as a frankly daft amount of talent for their (or any other) age.

Recently posted to Unearthed – and getting some kickass reviews – this basement project is already well-formed and extremely well-crafted. There are two tracks up there, but it’s “Call My Name” that fades into the foreground, easy-going but with a hint of savagery lurking in the air, a two-piece that makes themselves sound like a full band. Singer Naomi’s voice is rich and uncluttered, sounding like it’s not trying too hard, but with world-weariness and wide-eyed joy in equal measures; the guitars and the drums swirl like a boiling sea. The effect is almost dreamlike, amorphous, the sound of the sky clearing after a storm. It’s bloody great.

For any band, this would be a terrific debut into the world – for two seventeen year-olds it’s extraordinary. Like hawks, everyone, like hawks…