PODCAST: New Music Monthly #01

Well, *this* is probably a bad idea. It’s the first ever Ted’s Records podcast!

So, yeah, I did a podcasting. This is probably a bad idea, given that I’m patently terrible at it. Since that never stopped me before though, the hell with it. Here goes.

This is the very first episode of the Ted’s Records New Music Monthly podcast which will play new music, er, monthly. Must work harder on naming stuff. It’ll be a quick spin through five or so records that have tickled my fancy and other parts recently. Not too long, not too much guff from me, plus five great tunes from a bunch of bands who really should be on your stereo right now. Just the right length for the trip in to school or work, or simply to briefly drown out the never-ceasing noise of the modern world. Hope you like the records as much as I do.


01:02 Lunatics On Pogosticks – “MDMAtes”
05:42 The Gooch Palms – “Tiny Insight”
09:03 Tree & Ray – “Cloudshadow”
14:02 Pro Vita – “Not Gonna Lie”
17:10 Lunatics On Pogosticks – “Less Than Sober”