PODCAST: New Music Monthly #03

Hey hey kids, it’s third time lucky for the Ted’s Records New Music Monthly podcast.


I’ve made a bold attempt to add in some highlights from the coming week’s gigs, which requires both accuracy and consistency, so it’s more than likely this’ll be the only and last time I do it. That doomed experiment aside though, I also slot in two tracks by the delectable Connor Brooker, as well as tracks from Buddy Holiday, Thomas Covenant, Phantastic Ferniture, and Julia Why?.


01:14 Connor Brooker – “Seed”

03:57 Buddy Holiday – “Borders”

07:25 Thomas Covenant – “Jerom V”

12:56 Phantastic Ferniture – “Gap Year”

18:00 Julia Why? – “Painkiller”

19:44 Connor Brooker – “Falling Asleep In My Arms”