PODCAST: New Music Monthly #04

It’s that time again – episode #04 of the New Music Monthly podcast!

New Music Monthly #04My recurring problem with the Hottest 100 is that they don’t release the full results. The big long list that we all vote from has got so many great – but newer – bands in it, it’d be amazing to see a list that shows how *those* acts were doing, as well as the one big popularity contest of the Hottest 100. I’d love to see a top 100 of *just* the Australian bands, or of just those bands as a whole rather than track-by-track, or a top 100 of bands that aren’t affiliated to a major label in any way, or a DIY-only list or etc etc etc.

Still, in the absence of anything like that, I guess I’ll just keep on trawling Soundcloud and stumbling about in dark venues – at least I’ll still be able to find tracks like these.┬áThis month, on the fourth episode of the New Music Monthly podcast there are new (or at least new-ish) tracks from Wasters, Obscura Hail, Matrick Jones and Self Talk, while the Featured Artist this episode are the absolutely fan-fucking-tastic Camp Cope. Enjoy.


01:13 Camp Cope – “Lost Season One”
06:05 Matrick Jones – “Running Wild”
09:43 Obscura Hail – “Little Web”
13:52 Wasters – “Bye Bye Bye”
18:36 Self Talk – “Tiny Engines”
21:14 Camp Cope – “Stove Lighter”