LIVE: sleepmakeswaves, The Ruckus @ Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney, 14th Feb

The Ruckus

Nothing says Valentine’s Day more than a load of hairy dudes channeling a mix of 80s and 90s hair rock and funk-metal, yeah? It’s Frankie’s on a Sunday, so you’re damn right the first band on switch between Crue, Jane’s Addiction, the Chilis (even as far as a cover of “Suck My Kiss”), and deliver blistering solos, a singer with bafflingly rawk face makeup, ALL THE HAIR, a five-string bass that makes the damn walls shake and so much rock, just so much rock… I’m basically finished by the end of it. Well done The Ruckus. Let’s consider it brung.

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While Laneway, St.Kilda and Tropfest take up most of the weekend event schedule, sleepmakeswaves decide to pop into Frankie’s on a Sunday night as a bit of a surprise (it was only announced a couple of days earlier) and to share in the celebration of St.Valentine in the only way they know how. You don’t need flowers, you need this – heaping dollops of soaring and precise noise, cut with moments of quiet, emotive melody. This is interstellar stuff, music that tells a tale all by itself, propelled along by that insane drum & bass pairing that rattles the teeth and shakes the stomach. The two guitars give texture and bite, but live, it’s just as much the band themselves that add the real effect, bouncing, banging, and primal screaming throughout. It’s one hell of a performance, an arrow straight through the heart.

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