LIVE: Hockey Dad, Dumb Punts @ Moonshine Bar, Manly, 2nd Mar

There is – for someone who grew up in a city and for whom the nearest body of water was the Thames by the South Bank – something utterly bloody brilliant about a gig that smells of salty sea air. The balcony at the Moonshine Bar, perched atop of Manly’s Hotel Steyne, is just such a pleasurable place to wait for a show to start. The venue is open as a bar y’see, so you can show up early doors and just hang out on the balcony looking at – in order – the beach, the surf, the sea, and (if you could see over the curvature of the earth), South America. This is quite plainly brilliant.

Dumb Punts, off of Melbourne, are quite plainly brilliant. The attitude is straight ’77 punk dressed in normcore, the snotty rascals, but for all the filth and the fury of the aesthetic, the music is surprisingly blues-tinged. The basslines walk, the melodies swing, and under the distortion and the pink hair are songs you could easily cha-cha to. That said, if you screw your face up and stick out your tongue, that’s Dumb Punts in a nutshell – silly, and enormously satisfying.

See a full photo set of Dumb Punts here


Lest we forget, tonight is being put on by (ie the crowd is full of) Jack Daniels, so isn’t *really* a proper Hockey Dad gig – but it is the last time they’ll be playing in Oz before jetting off to the US to tour a bit and play SXSW, so this seems like a decent way to send them off.

It’s also Riders’ Week at the Hotel Steyne, so the place is jam-full of idiotically good-looking surfers, skinny-ripped skaters, and achingly cool women – who are all, it seems, plastered. For this crowd, there is no better soundtrack than the salty air and sandy towels of Hockey Dad.

There’s no surprises from our beloved duo, just the usual super-high calibre tunes, tones, and times. From the opening riffs, the crowd is off to the races and really only get worse as one song barrels into another. We all sing along, we madly bounce off each other, Billy gets his top off, the crowdsurfing begins, all giddy hell breaks out – it’s the usual way their gigs turn out, but it’s still a nice way to wave them off on their travels.

See a full photo set of Hockey Dad here