LIVE: Yeevs, Phantastic Ferniture, Morning TV @ The Record Crate, Sydney, 5th Mar

Morning TV are just such a delight. Featuring Cam off Shaky Handz / March Of The Real Fly and Tim off of Birds With Thumbs (three noisy-ass party bands), it’s a little marvel seeing them play in a band that doesn’t tear your face off. This is dreamy stuff, treacle-smooth licks and creamy melody, each one well-crafted and impressive. You’re not going to pogo off the balcony to this band, but you’re going to leave the building with a smile on your face – and that’s no mean trick. A thoroughly well-formed addition to the scene, and chock-full of potential already.

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Phantastic Ferniture are such a ridiculously talented band. There’s so much groove here, such wicked-ripping rhythm behind it all, that even *without* the hysterically impressive Julia Jacklin fronting it this would still be a killer band. With Jacklin, it’s really something special – that haunting, well-trained vocal soaring above tunes like “Fucking And Rolling”, taking the impossibly sweaty and capacity crowd into the stratosphere. Jacklin comes amongst the crowd – it’s hard not to in a mad-tiny room like this – and there are smiles on literally everyone’s faces. Hard-gigging, hard-working, and such a damn pleasure to see and hear. What a band.

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Yeevs arrive to a crowd a good three pounds lighter after sweating it off through Morning TV and Phantastic Ferniture, but if anyone is hoping for something to lower the temperature, they are sorely disappointed. Yeevs don’t do glacial, everything here just burns – the nasal chainsaw of a vocal, the chuddering guitar, the rumble and thrum of the rhythm section, it’s a furnace of sound. “Cycle As The Deal Goes Down” is still one of the most muscular songs of recent years, and even slower fare like “Rebound” has a power all its own. It’s not fast, but it doesn’t need to be, moving like molten lava. One of the more interesting musical personalities on the scene, it’s another strong outing from this trio, and a sweaty capstone on a great lineup.

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