PODCAST: New Music Monthly #06

Stone the crows, it’s Episode #06 of the New Music Monthly!


Blimey it’s been a strong month of new music here in Australia. Our Featured Artist this episode is West Thebarton Brothel Party, who – all bloody seven of them – recently dropped their “Red Or White” single. Seeing as they’re in the top spot this episode, they get to go round again, and so I’ve tacked the monstrously large “Misophonia” on at the end. They’re on tour in May, so they’re definitely one for the diary. You’ll just have to save Game Of Thrones for another night.

Elsewhere this last month, the superb debut from Camp Cope landed with a scene-shaking thud so I’ve chucked in a track off their debut LP; I’ve dipped my toe into the inventive bits of PJ Orr; I’ve added a sliver of shiny pop by Self Talk; and I’ve chucked in a dose of warming Capital Coast for good measure.

It’s a belter of a list, any way you shave it – have a listen in the embedded thing below or download it via Soundcloud, or subscribe via iTunes, or just check out any of  these bands live when they play near you. See you there.


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