SESSION: Benny Mayhem

Dropping some live ones into Circular Quay with WA’s folk-punk troubadour.

Benny Mayhem

Benny Mayhem, massive and grinning and spiky-haired, has basically been on tour for three and a half years. Now he’s back in Oz (and visiting Sydney) so it was a delight to be able to amble down to Circular Quay with him and catch a few live ones. In a break with tradition, I managed not to screw anything up too badly so you get to see all three tracks he did: forthcoming single “Song For Absent Friends”, with its hints of Sugar-era Bob Mould; the epically-titled “Mother Nature Will Have Her Revenge On Old Fatty”, particular fun to play by Sydney Harbour and within sight of Kirribilli House; and “Bulwer Street Waltz”, a Pogues-y ode to nights out.

He’s right in the process of finalising a full-band album that’ll be out in a month or two. I’m rather looking forward to that.




4 thoughts on “SESSION: Benny Mayhem

  1. Le printemps c'est le réveil de la nature, les arbres vont plier sous le poids des fleurs!!! Et la photographe que je suis va ressortir son reflex, une tenue plus légère et je vais aller gambader dans la campagne!!!Comme la nature, c'est le printemps qui me permet de renaître encore une fois!!!

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