LIVE: Delightful Squalor, David, Peacock Massive @ Henry’s Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, 11th Jul

Scotland always delivers on noise, talent, and grumpiness. 

3. Peacock Massive

Two-piece Peacock Massive are a maximum of 50% Canadian, and drop a rowdy handful of ratchety rawk tinged with some Strokes-y love. The singer’s vocal is particularly enjoyable, warbly and throaty and dense, and the mix of thudding and technical drums and some gen-yoo-ine guitar skills put them inbetween the spheres of The Vines and Muse. But a lot more likeable than either of those two garbage fires, obvs.

2. David

Just when you thought banjos were the best thing ever, it turns out that actually it’s accordions. Specifically one played by a man called no more than ‘David’ who allows his first song to be accompanied by some jugglers, acknowledging their thanks with a cheery “fuck off”. The juggling is terrible but the acrobatics – courtesy of Movement – are strong, especially in a place with a six-foot high ceiling. The rest of his set is just as dour introducing one song as “a traditional Hasidic dance from a place that is both in Romania and the Ukraine, I don’t fucking know how”. It’s bonkers and completely brilliant and should exist everywhere. When an accordion set opens in a Scottish accent with the words “Alright bitches, let’s make some fucking noise” you know you’re watching something special.

1. Delightful Squalor

Apparently in their “pre-pregnant phase”, the brilliantly-named Delightful Squalor feature Cera Impala and someone who may or may not be called Lake Montgomery, and they are brilliant. “Pre-pregnant” my backside, this is fully-cooked, being held upside-down by its ankles, and screaming like a damn goblin. Aside from looking brilliant and having a blast, their cover of Nina Simone’s “I Put A Spell On You” – doing it with an acoustic and a banjo – is ballsy and astonishingly well executed. Between Montgomery’s deeper range and Impala’s higher but raspy register, it’s a delight to behold. Lovely. Thanks Scotland, you’re as pretty as you ever were.