LIVE: The Escapes, Rackett @ Vic On The Park, Sydney, 22nd Jul

New noise and good times

It’s my first time seeing Racket, and while they’ve only been around for six months or so in this form, they come with a pedigree, featuring members of Bec & Ben, Fait Accompli, Salvador Dali Llama and Mylee & The Milkshakes. From the off, it’s clear they’ve got their scalpels out for this project, with razor-edged guitars and stompy rhythms, sharp and danceable punk-pop delivered with poise.

There’s a well-structured and tight-as-hell precision to the set – these are some badass musicians, clearly – but there’s also an atmosphere of mischievous trouble, a raw scent of chaos lurking, and singer Bec’s frequent raiding parties into the crowd hint at loopier shows to come. There are at least three belting singles in this set even outside of forthcoming release “Bats”, which fizzes and brims with taut energy. There’s a real sense of pent-up energy here – as they wind up for releases and tours it’s going to be a pleasure to watch it explode into the world.

The Escapes are having a lot of fun. Amid some amusing face-pulling, and some daft onstage banter, it’s a fun set of cheerily spiky guitar pop delivered by a bunch of blokes old enough to know better, but who clearly couldn’t care less. It’s entertaining as hell, and funny to boot. Just what the doctor ordered to wrap up a week.


The Escapes