LIVE: Babaganouj, Ross Henry, Hot Spoke @ Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, 19th August

Local legends Rare Finds nail a delight of a lineup as part of Oxjam ’16

Hot Spoke are feeling all the feels. Knitted eyebrows – not to mention cheekbones you could carve a turkey with – and emotion just all over the place. Normally, this is me-repellant, but the addition of strategically-placed squalls of guitar make this a bit of a hoot. Tight and well-formed songs to make the poets swoon, and the demons flail. It’s a neat trick to pull off.

Ross Henry is massive and hairy, and is doing that thing I’ve seen a few solo artists doing this year, playing electronic pop while smacking the ever-living shit out of some drum pads. It’s smooth-drinking, and he’s got some nifty little tricks in those sticks. Enjoyed that.

Babaganouj are one of those bands I always try and see when they’re passing through Sydney. It’s partially because they’re a charming and cheery bunch, which makes going to their gigs just idiotically good fun, but there’s something that’s unhealthily addictive about the music. “Bluff” is still as melancholy/uplifting as it always was, “Do Rite With Me Tonight” is bouncy and boinging and giddy, and “Hit Song” is a pop rampage through melody. They all switch vocals, Charles deploys his deeply-upset-looking shred face during the widdly guitar bits… it’s roughly the same pattern every time, yet whenever the gigs get announced, like I’ve been given a sharp tap to the knee, I go along to watch it all over again. Know what? It never gets old either.




Ross Henry 


Hot Spoke