LIVE: Hello Bones, The Knowgoods, Japanese Death Machine @ Vic On The Park, Sydney, 6th Aug

A debut, a single launch, and some daft-sharp guitars.

Japanese Death Machine, bless them, are playing their first ever gig, but it’s not their first time on stage, clearly. An excellent opener, full of feedback and thudding, breaks into a grunge-heavy set of bass-y roaring guitars and Bleach-era Nirvana sounds, with the added bonus of an Stooges cover for a bit of light relief. I love seeing debuts, and this one is a lot of hairy fun.

The Knowgoods meanwhile are no strangers to this game. Assured, sharp as the point of a pin, this is galactically good fun, with well-honed guitars and harmony over precise and mightily hammered-out rhythms. There’s something of both Elvis Costello in the intelligence and the old school rock ‘n’ roll vibe lurking behind a searing Hives-y sound. New one “Regular Egg” is a belter, but the whole set’s full of light and shade, up and down, and side-to-side. As balanced and as keen as a Japanese kitchen knife.

Hello Bones aren’t playing their new one yet, they’re too busy telling daft stories about camping with swingers and being awesome. It’s my first time seeing them, at their first time playing the Vic On The Park (which makes them happy) and it’s loud, bluesy, raucous stomping all the way. There’s widdly guitar bits, screaming, some slappy bass bits, drumstick twiddling and and lot of big songs that sound like they want to get on a bike and ride. The new single, “Big Day Out” is brilliant though, an earworm the size of that snake off of Neighbours, but less ridiculous. Big fuzz, great times.


Hello Bones


The Knowgoods


Japanese Death Machine