LIVE: Moose Blood, The Hard Aches, Hedge Fund @ Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, 19th Aug

Three awesome guitar bands blow the doors off the room.

It’s good to see Hedge Fund again, especially when they’re still as bent and quirky and wonky as ever. “Boyfriend” is still a belter, and brand new one “Physical Education” is a lot of fun. Singer Will is also brilliant at staring straight down the barrel of cameras pointed at him, as well as stalking the stage like a cross between Patrick Bateman and a goblin. Those gloves are just disturbing.

I only came across The Hard Aches earlier in the year, but they’re a fast favourite already. “Glad That You’re Gone” is a beast of a tune, and “Loser” is just instantly electrifying. All this despite the deceptively simple two-piece setup, which still sounds as big as a barn, rumbly and rich-toned.

Moose Blood may be here all the way from England, but there’s a lot of love in the room for them. Songs are sungalong to, bodies are mashed up tight against the barrier, and the whole place is pretty much rammed full of smiles and song, rich and destructive distortion giving release to pent up energy and joy. Meaty stuff.


Moose Blood


The Hard Aches


Hedge Fund