LIVE: Left., Sans Parents, Ivy @ Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney, 30th Sep

It’s not the size of the band in the tune, it’s the size of tune in the band.

Ivy are playing their first Sydney show tonight at Rare Finds, and bring some really filthy tones with them from the Central Coast. This is pure, dirty, stomp full of fuzz and thump, and it’s just what you need to open up a Friday night.

Sans Parents prove that it’s not the size of the band in the tune, it’s the size of the tune in the band, and holy hell, it’s big tunes all the way tonight.

They’re split between Sydney & Brisbane so don’t get to play all that often, which is a pity since their growing collection of fuzzy, slightly spiky, harmonised guitar pop should really get out more. On record, it’s smooth as glass, but live there’s a bit more oomph and adrenaline, although those pitch-perfect harmonies between Kane and Alex remain impressively in place.

It’s those harmonies that really make it special – there is a boatload of interesting and intelligent songwriting, some extremely accomplished musicianship (all of them have been around the block in other bands like Hungry Kids Of Hungary and Babaganouj), but that rich and gooey vocal sauce over the top is what holds it all together.

We get all the songs from their latest excellent The Dead End EP, including the giddy little maniac that is “Loose People”, and we even get a Crowded House cover for good measure, but the star of the show throughout are those harmonies. Big tunes for sure, smothered in thick rays of West Coast sunshine from another time.

Left are an electronic duo with live drums and vocals, with computers doing the heavy musical lifting, and are yet another of those bands that shame me into admitting I know virtuallynothing about what they do. It’s really good fun and it’s an enjoyable setup, with some meaty drums complementing soft and bouncy electronica, fronted by a skilled vocalist with strong stage presence and a hatfulof catchy tunes. As electronic music, is it any good? No idea. Did I enjoy it? Rather a lot. Most nights, that’s really all that matters.




Sans Parents