SESSION: Sans Parents

Songs for sunsets, harmonies for days.

Sans Parents Ted's Records Session

Sans Parents, split between Sydney and Brisbane, are undeniably a sunny bunch. On record, there’s no shortage of vitamin D, and the harmonies are fit for any West Coast beach party you might care to name. What better place then to shoot a session with them than, er, in a tiny dark underground box in the belly of the Oxford Art Factory?

Dang – should have thought that one through a bit more.

As dark and claustrophobic as it may have been though, the vocal talents of Kane and Alex, accompanied just by Alex’s guitar, brings golden-hour light into any space, and we got two tracks done before the venue ordered us out.

First up we have a slower, lazy-afternoon version of “Dead End”, the lead track from their recent (and extremely good) The Dead End EP. On record it’s punchier, but here it’s like a lens flare, a warm light to bathe in. This is where I realised just how fucking amazing those harmonies are.

Secondly, we ended up with another track from the EP, “Shouting Between The Lines”, which is now ready and waiting for that road trip you’ve been planning. Insert key, start ignition, press play, drive off into dusty sunset.