LIVE: Big White, Morning TV, Phantastic Ferniture, Emma Russack, Flowertruck, Georgia Mulligan, Betty & Oswald @ Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, 22nd Dec

The legends off of Phantastic Ferniture sure know how to throw a Christmas party. Lining up six of the best bands around, plus throwing in a barnstorming set themselves, tonight is so friendly and full of seasonal spirit it’s enough to make you start believing in the kindness and generosity of the human spirit again. An absolutely kickass night of music and mates and good tidings to all.


Betty & Oswald open up tonight – oddball pop delivered with bags of charm.


It’s a gorgeous set from Georgia Mulligan, shades of PJ Harvey’s steel tinged with dusty sunsets.


There’s never a quiet moment with Flowertruck, and tonight’s no exception – if their PiL-ish, hyper-wired, pharmaceutical smile of a set isn’t enough to get you moving, the live marriage proposal should have done the trick. Not many finer bands around, and no mistake.


As the crowd flows back into the Gallery, Emma Russack warns us that the fun’s over, it’s time for a sad set. Sure, it’s not exactly a chirpy set of songs, but it’s still a joyous one, a rich pleasure from start to finish, ending on a fab cover of Lennon’s “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”.

Emma Russack



Playing their own party, Phantastic Ferniture drop one belter after another. “Gap Year” and set-closer “Fuckin’ & Rolling” are as dense and stellar as ever, but it’s the power of that voice that propels the tight tunes to next-level status. Once you’ve had Julia Jacklin sing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” to you, you may call your life well-lived.



One of the loveliest bands on the go right now, Morning TV are rarely anything except a joy to watch. It’s buttery smooth, but with a steel core, with hints of The Sundays and The Cure causing outbreaks of grinning all over the room. Extra points for matching Santa hats, too.



Big White close out tonight’s festive daftness with a festively daft set of high-energy and well-tailored pop gems. It’s a Big White Christmas, and with the actual Santa joining the stage for some tambourine action, it’s all our Xmas wishes on one stage. Tons and tons of fun.