LIVE: The Khanz, Mabel, Blind Hot Gems (feat. Dobby) @ Newtown Social Club, Sydney, 28th Dec

It’s that weird period between Christmas and New Year when half the world is open, and the other has forgotten what day of the week it is, but it’s ably filled tonight with three very different bands, playing to a crowd that seems pleased to be out of the house and… well, drunk as lords.


It’s might have been three years since they last played together, but Blind Hot Gems can clearly still play like demons, and their technically outrageous, high-energy set of instrumentals are impressive. They’re joined by young rapper Dobby for a few tracks though, who is just crazy good, and his bullet-fast and crystal-clear delivery contains more than a few harsh truths about racism in Australia to go along with the danceable and solid music provided by the Gems.

Blind Hot Gems



It’s been almost twelve months to the day since I last saw Mabel, and they’re still as spirited and as proficient at getting crowds going as they were last year. Rich, rock n roll inspired guitars and a strong vocal fire up the tipsy audience like the best indie wedding band in the world.




Relaxed and enjoying themselves, The Khanz wrap up the year with a series of old ones, a couple of new ones, and a belting and kids-story-nightmare version of Nirvana’s “Lithium”. We’re among friends here tonight and it feels more like a party than a gig, one with a pounding, soaring, slightly crazed soundtrack.

The Khanz