LIVE: Baxter, Pist Idiots, Jurassic Nark, Mini Skirt @ Captain Cook Hotel, Sydney, 21st Jan

Four bands to put a smile on your face – and then rip it clean off.


Mini Skirt play unannounced tonight, and it’s enough to wake the damn dead. They sear through the venue like a flamethrower, roaring like the possessed. “Out Of Place” peels the skin off the face and the paint off the walls.



Jurassic Nark start off with something breaking, then they break three strings in one song. Which is exactly what makes them so loveably barking. Loose as all hell, loud, happily roaming free, the sound of the brakes coming off and no-one caring.



Pist Idiots are an impressive band. Built on a foundation of rough-edged punk, with a rage that screams into the night, they also tear off in strange & inventive directions, giving them a range and depth that’s as surprising as it is brilliant.



Baxter’s show starts with an awards ceremony, where the support bands get participation awards, and they win a songwriting award. That’s about as sensible as tonight gets. With inter-song banter including “Can I get more applause in the foldback, please”, Baxter are Australia’s punk Spinal Tap, and someone needs to give them a TV series, stat.