LIVE: Beast & Flood, Phanosland, Haloumi Girl @ Botany View Hotel, Sydney, 7th Jan


Haloumi Girl seems petrified of everything. Like a dank Bjork, it’s wide-eyed and crazed, but it’s somehow rather soothing. You feel safe and well-covered – but if you look too close, it’s a nightmarish picture.


Phanosland have darkness in their soul, in the way of JAMC and the Velvets. They never seem to make much effort, but it’s a deep racket, like it’s coming up from the depths of the ocean.


Beast & Flood bring that jittery grunge thing, copious yelping and staccato jabs. It’s enough to make anyone feel crazy, which is precisely what happens tonight. Sharper than on record, this is flat-out and wired up to the mains.