LIVE: Body Type, Sunscreen, Phanosland @ Freda’s Bar, Sydney, 12th Jan


So, I saw Phanosland twice in five days. This time it’s at the awesome Freda’s, which seems to operate a strict ban on having lights. It suits Phanosland though, their dark, synth-drenched drone cutting through the dark.



Sunscreen have a singer who’s also in Flowertruck, and where the other band are wired and loopy, this is dreamy and soothing stuff. Easy and floaty and comfy and generous, this isn’t a side-project – it’s an alter-ego. Except for the bits that go a bit nuts.



Body Type are getting some attention right now, and it’s not a massive leap to see why. Aside from the fact that they’re having a damn blast, their strange take on guitar pop is infectious, and the mix of QUIETloud is bloody hard to pull off.

Body Type