LIVE: The Dirty Nil, Food Court, The Hunted Crows, Water Bear, The Rekindlers @ Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney, 18th Jan

Dine Alone Records know how to throw a great party.


The Rekindlers hover strangely between grungy alt fuzz and 70s heavy blues RAWK. For this, they are undeniably weapons-grade cool, despite the fact my dad would really like them. It’s dirty and its expansive and it’s way good fun, heavy and tub-thumping, with some belting solos and a rasping, roaring vocal.


Water Bear are playing in Sydney for the first time, and I’m hacked off they’ve not come over before. Wildly barrelling between vibes of Dick Dale, Queen, Weezer and The Slits, they’re twitchy and poppy and bombastic and bloody great. Anyone who makes “Take On Me” *better* is a force to be reckoned with.


The Hunted Crows drop bluesy QOTSA heaviness, screaming tubey guitars and pounding rhythm. It’s a bloody impressive noise for just a two-piece, and the guitarist has enough energy for five men. That they also drop in some mightily impressive beatboxing is cherry on cake territory.


It’s been a bit of a gap since I last saw Food Court, and it’s a pleasure to hear their muscular and fired-up tunes again, full of beef and vinegar, and straining at the leash. It’s also pretty exciting to hear there’s an album on its way this year. Based on this form, it’ll be a proper belter.


Canada’s The Dirty Nil drop in tonight to introduce us to their wild-eyed and crazy-melodic set. Arms wave, shapes are thrown, and grins are fast planted on the raucous crowd’s face. A near-on perfect example of the three-piece-and-fast-guitar, looking forward to this lot making the trip back to Oz soonest.