The Month In New Music – Jan 1st-14th 2017

Wow, January was chock-full of bands, new music and killer gigs.

I managed to shoot Body Type and Phanosland twice each, as well as catching Haloumi Girl, Beast & Flood, Sunscreen, Iffy, White Blanks, Imperial Broads, Pearls, Felix Lush, Joseph Liddy & The Skeleton Horse, Middle Kids, and longtime faves The Gooch Palms.

And that was only the first half of the month…

This vid features Body Type’s “Ludlow” and White Blanks’ “Get Better” as the soundtrack, but go check out all the bands. Most of all, get to a gig near you soonest – you only get to #KeepSydneyOpen if you actually go out…

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