LIVE: Fazerdaze, Body Type, Okin Osan @ Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, 18th Feb

Just about the most loveable night out it’s possible to have


Okin Osan might just be the cutest band I’ve ever seen. Imagine if Belle and Sebastian thought they were being a bit too *hard*, and went for super-sweet instead – they’d still be pigs compared to this bucket of puppies. Blondie, Motown, garage, laughter, utter bloody loveliness. Grinning.


I’m struggling to find new ways of saying Body Type are awesome, so they help me out tonight by dropping in a brand new one. Carrying on their theme of being happy and totally delightful while playing some thoroughly miserable music, it’s rumblier and a bit tougher, and exactly where you’d hope and expect them to go next musically. But if anyone can come up with a better word than “awesome”, I’d be really grateful. Thanks.



Faderdaze are from New Zealand and are playing Sydney for the first time – it’s hard to tell who’s happier about being here, us or them. While on record it’s a pure DIY bedroom sound, played live it’s a louder and fuller experience, triumphant and joyous. There’s an obvious 80s & 90s indie feel here in the guitars and (especially) in Amelia Murray’s vocal, but it feels fresh and shin thanks to some clever and endearing songwriting. It’s hard not to hear dream-pop echoes of Lush, The Sundays, or Mazzy Star; but it’s equally hard to believe it hasn’t got a place in today’s sonic landscape. Based on tonight’s set, the new LP’s going to be a scorcher – and I can’t wait for their next visit here.