LIVE: Horror My Friend, Step-Panther, White Blanks @ Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, 2nd Feb

Three of Australia’s finest guitar bands shred up Sydney


I went about two years not seeing White Blanks, and I’ve now seen them twice in a fortnight and three times in four months. The maddening thing is they keep getting more fun. You’d think a bunch of ratbags from the ‘Gong would make a mess at some point. Nope, not so much.



It’s been waay too long since I last saw Step-Panther. Their stoner fuzz and metal licks just never get boring – it’s bags of wide-pupilled fun, enough shred to feed a family of four, and so much dopey charm it should need a license. Really good to hear older ones like “Fight Like A Knight”, too. One of Australia’s loveliest, no mistake.



There are few bands that understand guitars like Horror My Friend. It’s just so full of bounce and scream and tone and joy, you can feel the electricity thrumming through the air. Tracks off last year’s titanic Stay In, Do Nothing LP tear up the room, and new track “DIYS” is as fearsome as on record. They’re a hell of a band, whichever way you slice it.