LIVE: PLTS, Top Lip, The Football Club, Self Talk @ The Workers Club, Melbourne, 16th Feb

I went to Melbourne and all you got were these pictures of four great bands


Self Talk have long been able to prick up ears round here on record, but live, it’s like they grow wings and teeth and muscles and special weapons. Every song is spiky as hell, jittery and wired, but still smiles at you – it’s like being mugged by someone who says please and thank you. Pure bloody fun, distilled and bottled.



It’s really hard to write concisely about The Football Club, a band that drop so many highlights into one set it’s hard to keep score. It’s like watching Camp Cope, Smith Street Band, and Brendan Maclean all smooshed into one four-piece. It’s got everything – it’s hairy, poptastic, glam, loud as, neurotic, SO ANGRY, funny as hell, and just brimful of tune. Brand new one “Mrs Doubtfire” was a *big* highlight, but there’s nary a duff moment in here. L O V E.



It’s fun going to another city to see a band from your hometown – you recognise the songs, but the crowd’s just that *bit* different. Tonight’s set from Top Lip is as rough-and-tumble as always though, with muscular rhythms underpinning freewheeling songs that just shine with summer sun. Even the bar staff were dancing along to set closer “Dumb”, and rightly so.



PLTS are down from Byron Bay, touring in support of their freshly released XXXX single, and they’ve brought their biggest sounds with them tonight. Each tune is hewn from old rock, serious stuff with a lot of flesh on the bones. Towering stuff.