LIVE: Azaria Byrne & Max Warne, Tomi Gray, Tamlyn Magee, Peter Calvert @ The Hideaway Bar, Sydney, 18th Mar

Exotic instruments and reworked acoustic classics


Peter Calvert has a really delicate voice, some deeply-held views, and a guitar. Oh, and a digeridoo. The latter he uses to drop some beatboxing through (which is actually rather brilliant), while the former gifts us songs about Indigenous rights and immigration. With such a rich soundtrack too, this is genuinely heartwarming stuff.



Tamlyn Magee is playing her first gig apparently, and it’s a bloody stormer. Or at least as storming as you can be with a harp. This is (obviously) Joanna Newsom territory, but it’s truly a gem. The harp is a star, played through pedals so it comes off like a guitar and a piano, but matched with Magee’s soaring vocal, it’s enough to make you weep.



Tomi Gray is off The Ruckus, who are made of hair and rock, but tonight it’s just him and a handful of songs taken from his quixotic 100 songs in 100 days project. Blues and rock structures dominate but he’s got some beautiful moves. Quantity, check. Quality? Bloody right.


Azaria Byrne & Max Warne are giving us the stripped-back The Art experience, and despite the tiny setup, it’s a big bloody sound. Warne’s guitar is a beautiful thing, and as we get new ones, old ones and covers (plus a guest spot from another The Art member, Kara Jayne), the room just fills up with sound. What a pleasure to watch.