LIVE: The Mis-Made, Particles, Winter Moon, Accidental President @ Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney, 12th Mar

No-one’s leaving this Sunday night feeling rested.


Accidental President really miss the 80s. Or, at least, they miss the bombastic hard rock thing. So, they’ve brought it back – and bloody hell, it’s uncanny. For anyone who came up on Faith No More, it will be delightfully familiar. For everyone else, it’ll be like being delightfully smashed in the head with a brick.



Winter Moon might seem like they’re having good clean fun, but this is filthy, filthy stuff. Fuzzed guitars, dirty keys, thumping rhythms, and a vocal to tear the retinas off your eyes. Soulful, raucous, thumping, and dirtier than hell.



Particles were pretty exciting the last time I saw them, and they’re making me a little hysterical now. That QOTSA vibe is front and centre but with some surprisingly gentle vocals, which ends up making it both poppy and hard as nails at the same time. This thing’s picking up speed. Take cover.



The Mis-Made scream into life, no warning shots. From the off until the end this is 100% raw and visceral stuff, the fury of nine suns infused with joyous exuberance. There are some big songs inside this hurricane though – a set to lift you up and knock your damn house down.