LIVE: Moody Beaches, Tankerville, Green Tin @ The Gasometer, Melbourne, 27th Apr

Oh hey, I’m in Melbourne.


Green Tin play other people’s music, but they play it like the Detroit Cobras play other people’s music. Basically, they take other people’s music and mash it into Muddy Waters vs Sonic Youth. What a bloody fun time it is.



Tankerville bring the hard noise. They’re basically hacked off about all of you – no seriously, you. Yes, you. They express their displeasure through hardcore and facial hair, and it’s the best fun you’ve ever had being yelled at.



Moody Beaches are completing their inaugural residency at The Gasometer tonight, and their time in other bands (including La Bastard) has not been wasted. They’re serrated and rough-edged, and they make a racket that’s short on bullshit and long on heft.