LIVE: Particles, NARLA, Forest Hall @ The Lady Hampshire, Sydney, 22nd Apr

More guitar goodies than should be healthy, crammed into one night


Forest Hall

Forest Hall have almost no direction at all, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For a two-piece, they really do rattle around all over the place, and you get the sense that between the extremes of yelping, shredding and crooning, they really just don’t care if you can keep up or not.




NARLA play serious rock for serious rockers, chunky prog mixed with some incredible technical chops. But you also get the sense of fun in there, like they want to be serious, but keep cracking up. Wit Rock. It’s a thing.




Particles are headlining, finally, for their single launch, and there’s definitely something more fun about them when the crowd is fully lubed. Late at night is when they sound best, roaring and thumping and squealing away like the Gremlins you shouldn’t have fed. S’gonna be a good year for them.