LIVE: Rackett, Julia Why?, C.O.F.F.I.N @ Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, 15th Apr

Punk-rock musical theatre from the queens of the Sydney stage



C.O.F.F.I.N are not subtle, like someone banging a fucking big nail into the back of your head isn’t subtle. This is blister-your-arse fast, roaringly hairy and unreconstructed mayhem, and is as much fun as falling out of a speeding car. Which is to say – blindingly great fun.



I just can’t get enough of watching Julia Why?. It just veers so smoothly between gentle and hard-as-nails so often, it leaves you slightly knackered – and on top of that there are killer tunes. Keep it coming, it just doesn’t get old.



Since playing live is the most fun you can have, it always suprises me when bands just kind of shuffle on. Not Rackett. Props, matching outfits, *enormous* stagecraft, it’s all there in spades – few bands have both the songs and a show game this strong.