LIVE: Rare Finds 2nd Birthday @ Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, 29th Apr

A birthday party and a stellar line-up

Celebrating Rare Finds’ 2nd birthday, the night/label/agency threw a massive party at The Oxford Art Factory.


Crocodylus > just keep popping up on stages I end up in front of, and it doesn’t get at all dull. It’d be hard in fact to think how it could, since anyone who finds their lunatic rock n roll thrashabouts dull, is clearly in need of major surgery.



The Khanz > are on early tonight, but there’s no shortage in the room of love for them, nor for their bombastic and huge-sounding Big Indie. The tunes are plentiful and free-flowing, large as houses, and as pounding as a summer thunderstorm.



Mount Zamia > are just bloody loveable, happy as clams, dropping thrumming 70s vibes all over the floor. Moments of madness peek out, tearing up the place every now and again, but the core of this set of some truly adorable song-writing.



Bad Pony > have more drums than is really sensible. There are six of them and three play at least one drum, including their energizer bunny of a singer who barrels around like he’s had a toe cut off. So much spare energy it’s like they’ve plugged everyone into the mains. Hell of a thing to watch.



Major Leagues > have almost nothing wrong with them at all.
It’s really that simple. A hatful of melodious little wonders for a setlist, plus an attitude that balances halfway between aw-shucks and go-fuck-yourself. I could watch this band all day long. And so could you.



Lime Cordiale > were apparently a last-minute addition to the bill, but I certainly can’t see anyone not happy about it. Their flavours of tropical, kitschy, pop and smashed-up, lose-yourself anthems mix well with the audience’s drinks, and by the end the sweat is pouring off and no-one knows where they are anymore.



Hey Geronimo are currently trying out their new stage show. I can only assume the original suggestion was along the lines of “hey, let’s make space-age pop that drives audiences into dancing frenzies, while we’re dressed like the crew on the bridge of the Death Star.” It is precisely as batty and brilliant as it sounds, with the eye-searing projections behind the band a nice touch. Also, “Lazer Gun Show” is still a total bloody monster.