LIVE: Alex Lahey, The Football Club, Iluka @ Hudson Ballroom, Sydney, 12th May

Quite simply, three of Australia’s very best bands.



Iluka opens tonight in a quiet, vocal+guitar+bass way , and from note one it’s a bloody masterclass in how to use your instruments. The country-ish thrum is beefed up by some sterling bass work, and occasional electronic bass drum. But the hero isn’t even that killer voice or those heart-breaking tunes – anyone who knows how to use reverb that effectively should be feared. Wow.



The Football Club are playing their first ever show in Sydney, but there’s already a lot of buzz here. Already a HUGE favourite of mine, their set is full of dark laughs and uplifting horror, propelled by some crafty and catty songwriting. Quite simply one of the hottest new bands around in Australia right now, and a roaring, glittering pleasure to watch. Add to the do-not-miss list, right the hell now.



Alex Lahey hasn’t been back to Sydney since October, and the room’s busting at the seams with those of us who’ve missed her. Previewing tracks from the upcoming album, and dropping some of belters from last year’s EP, the crowd is jumping and giddy and grinning from the off, tearing into every song with abandon. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this set, and finale “Let’s Go Out” tears a damn hole in the roof.