LIVE: Light Entertainment, Wawawow, Suiix, War Hawk, Yoskos In The Cosmos @ The Pyrate House, Sydney, 20th May

Five bands tear the walls off the Pyrate House


The immaculately-named Yoskos In The Cosmos┬áis, erm, eclectic. Tonight’s opening set pings between digital soul, some pretty hairy prog, cosmically-tinged jazz, some soaring pop moments, and some shouting. It’s smooth stuff all the way through, but is batty enough to keep a wild-eyed grin firmly in place.



War Hawk‘s singer prowls the area in front the stage like a predator, while the rest of the band smash out a soundtrack to a particularly bloody savannah kill. They’re called War Hawk FFS – they’re exactly like you’d think. Just louder, and a bit more lary.



Suiix slow things waaay down halfway through the night, which allows the increasingly herbal crowd to appreciate just how rich music can be. This is spacey enough for the atmosphere, but it’s got fathoms of depth. The guitars fly in from the reaches of space and the pop is futuristic, simultaneously dark and uplifting. Restraint, with strength.



Wawawow just keep growing new teeth. This set doesn’t even pause for breath, and is relentless, urgent, and nutty bananas from start to finish. This is one hell of a show, like being pounded and stomped and loving every second.



Light Entertainment have some serious songwriting game. There’s almost not one pop note in here, but it’s dense with invention. It’s heavy stuff, but soars like a jumbo – in no small part due to the saxophone, which turns the expected into something a bit more baroque. Grand, muscle-bound, and as thick as soup.