LIVE: Nerdlinger, The Frankner, Mexican Age, The Great Awake @ Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney, 14th May

Screaming guitars, broken English, and big tunes – punk rock soars at Frankie’s.



In an impressive move, The Great Awake are  hungover *on a Sunday night*. Despite this, not one note of their set is blunted, every single jot of it is fuelled with speed and joy and soaring punk tune. One of my most-listened-tos of the last year, I could listen to this all night. Probably not with a hangover though.



Mexican Age are over from Japan, and apologise for not speaking very good English. Considering the audience, this seems a little bit like apologising to a room full of toddlers that you’ve only got a PhD in Quantum Physics. Helpfully though, everyone understands their blistering and brilliant punk roar, even if no-one is smart enough to understand a word they’re saying. Massive fun.



Also over from Japan are The Frankner, who promptly rip our hair out at its roots. Fast, witty, sharp as a blade, it roars around the venue like its brakes have been cut. Grand stuff, and set closer “Riot” is just HUGE.



Sydney’s homegrown punks Nerdlinger are having a ball. Clearly revelling in the role of punk clowns, the faces gurn, the guitars blaze, and the songs aim straight for the head. With some impressive crowd control – not least getting everybody to kneel down on Frankie’s legendarily gross floors – there’s a massive show in here, bubbling under the foaming frenzy of the songs.