The Room Old Sins: Lösung für alle Level / Kapitel – Android, iPhone und iPad

Hier findest du die Lösung und Walkthrough für The Room Old Sins für alle Kapitel und Level. Bei The Room Old Sins handelt es sich um eine Spiele App für iPhone, iPad und in Kürze Android. Dabei musst du wie bei den Vorgängern (siehe The Room) in einem Raum mehrere Rätsel lösen, um voranzukommen.

Da dies nicht immer ganz so einfach ist, haben wir in diesem Artikel einen Walkthrough für The Room Old Sins. Die Spiele App ist am heutigen 25. Januar 2018 exklusiv für iOS erschienen, wird später aber auch im Google Play Store zum Kauf bereitstehen.

The Room Old Sins: Walkthrough und Lösung durch alle Level und Kapitel

The Room Old Sins Screenshot - (c) Fireproof Games

The Room Old Sins Screenshot – (c) Fireproof Games

Wenn du die The Room Reihe zum ersten mal spielst, wirst du auch in The Room Old Sins zunächst einmal mit dem Spielprinzip vertraut gemacht, darunter das Drehen der Kamera, antippen von Objekten und vieles mehr. Nachfolgend findest du für jedes Kapitel bzw. “Level” (Level im eigentlichen Sinne gibt es in The Room Old Sins zwar nicht, aber wir unterteilen die einzelnen Apparaturen in solche) einen entsprechenden Walkthrough, der dir die Lösung aufzeigt.

Walkthrough durch alle Kapitel

In der nachfolgenden Playlist kannst du dir für jedes Kapitel von The Room Old Sins die entsprechende Lösung ansehen. Klicke dazu einfach unterhalb des Videoplayers auf das entsprechende Kapitel, wozu du die Lösung benötigst und schon startet dieses.

Darum geht es im Spiel

Wie üblich gibt es bei der The Room Reihe eine kleine Storyline, um sich besser hineinzuversetzen. Diesesmal geht es an einen Ort, wo ein ehrgezeiger Ingenieur plötzlich verschwunden ist – und ein kostbares Artefakt direkt mit. Die Spur führt dabei zu einem Puppenhaus, welches sich auf dem Dachboden des Hauses der Verschwundenen befindet. Hier gilt es Objekte zu erforschen, Hinweisen zu folgen und skurrile Apparaturen zu betätitgen, stets mit dem Ziel die Geheimnisse ans Tageslicht zu bringen.

The Room Old Sins steht kostenpflichtig im iTunes App Store zum Download bereit und kann auf einem aktuellen iPhone bzw. iPad installiert werden. iOS 10 ist dabei Voraussetzung.

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App für iPhone, iPad und iPod touch im iTunes App Store

Im iTunes App Store ist The Room Old Sins für iPhone, iPad und iPod touch verfügbar. iOS 10 oder neuer ist dabei erforderlich. Zum iTunes App Store:

The Room: Old Sins
Entwickler: Fireproof Games
Preis: 5,49 €

Kommt The Room Old Sins auch für Android in den Google Play Store?

Wie üblich bei Fireproof Games erscheint auch The Room Old Sins erstmal exklusiv für iOS Geräte. Erst später wird die App auch für Android im Google Play Store bereitgestellt. Wir informieren dich hier auf selbstversändlich darüber, sobald das tolle Room Escape Spiel auch für Android Geräte verfügbar ist.


Fireproof Studios was founded in 2008 as an outsource team which specialised in designing & building 3D environments for AAA console games such as Killzone Shadowfall, LittleBigPlanet and many, many more. In early 2012 we had saved enough money to hire our first programmer, so after 4 years of working on other people’s games we could finally afford to make one of our own and in began development on our first game, the atmospheric 3D puzzler ‘The Room’.

As an artist-heavy studio we were inspired by beautiful craftsmanship and the wonder of discovery which led to developing innovative camera controls for navigating 3D scenes & objects. We wanted players to capitalise on the unique touch controls afforded by mobile devices to explore haunting locations, examine detailed objects and solve tactile puzzles in an effort to unravel a compelling mystery.

The Room was released in September 2012 and swiftly climbed the charts, reaching #1 in over 60 countries. Within 6 months following release we were stunned to see The Room win ‘iPad Game of the Year 2012’ from Apple, the BAFTA for British Game and the GDC award for Best Handheld/Mobile Game.

Critical and commercial success continued with The Room Two in late 2013 and The Room Three in 2015, the combined sales of The Room trilogy reaching 12 million units and counting with over 1.5 million 5★ player ratings.

For the 4th game in The Room series we wanted to return to the tighter focus of the first game; revolving around one detailed object unfolding and changing in surprising ways as the player solves it’s devious puzzles. In previous titles we had revolved the story around the conceit of the gameplay, dealing purely with the mythology of these supernatural mechanical boxes the player was solving. With The Room: Old Sins we set the game inside a house and so wanted to evoke something more personal and human. So came the idea came of the player using discovered diaries to piece together the lives of the house’s former occupants and in so doing, learning that the strange artefact the player chases was no prize to this loving couple but rather came to haunt and finally corrupt their happy home.

We released ‘The Room: Old Sins’ in early 2018 on iOS & Android and were thrilled to see it reach #1 all over the world and receive over 30,000 5★ player ratings.

As a 100% independent/privately owned company of 18 developers we believe our continued success is down to several factors; we put the player at the centre of everything we do, iterating design, graphics, gameplay & audio until they feel as slick as they deserve to be, so the player enjoys a polished experience from the first tap of the screen. As gamers ourselves it’s important for us to make games that we want to play and deliver an experience on a mobile phone which feels as polished as a AAA console game. Ultimately we try to treat mobile devices as not just a market, but also a fascinating piece of gaming hardware, the scope of which isn’t limited to this week’s top ten games but to the more generous capacities of imagination.


  • Chris

    Lead Design/Artist & Co-Founder

    Graduating in Computer Animation from Teeside University in 2000 Chris worked in many roles from storyboards to scene modelling & animation before joining Criterion Games in 2005. While working on Burnout Revenge, Burnout Dominator & Burnout Paradise he progressed from Graduate artist/tea monkey to Track & Gameplay Designer/Artist before leaving in 2008 to co-found Fireproof Studios.

  • Tony

    Lead Artist & Co-Founder

    Tony began his career in art so far back now (though not as far back as Barry) that he can’t really remember how it all started. During the course of his career he has worked for a several game companies, some that he would prefer not to mention, working on titles that he’d also prefer not to mention. Then he joined Criterion, creating artwork for the Burnout games and Black. Since co-founding Fireproof he has worked on almost a million (estimated figure) other awesome games.

  • Luke

    Software Engineer

    Luke began as a Physicist, completing a masters course and two whole years of a PhD before calling it a day in 2013. After that he retrained himself as a games programmer and hasn't looked back since. He spent a year working as an indie developer on mobile and VR games before joining Fireproof in 2016.

  • Rob

    Technical Director

    Rob started out working for Codemasters in 2001, working on the Race Driver series of games. In 2005 he moved to Criterion where he specialised in destruction, working on the physics for Black and car deformation on Burnout. He joined Fireproof Games in late 2011, releasing The Room less than a y